A Gift for You

I'd like to have some sort of downloadable gift visitors take away from my site.

For some time, had been trying to think of something that visitors could easily take away from the Hexed-Patriot site. Anything physical would be to difficult with international shipping so, unfortunately, prints are out of the question. The gift had to be something digital, and most of all, I did not want it to be some boring static image.

The idea fell into my lap after the past few commissions I've had have required motion graphics and interaction.

So, I've decided to create an interactive map of Florence that will include some of my favorite places. Museums, restaurants, bars, and hidden anomalies that add to Florence's magical vibe. You "open" the map click one of several buttons and, bam. Info, easter eggs, weird facts, and coordinates to explore.

Here is the intro page to the map- I still have to decide what format it can be downloaded in- but rest assured, it will be filled with other fun sorts of images and bits of knowledge just as cool as this page.

Now that quarantine is over I feel like time is rapidly slipping through my fingers, but hopefully, this project will be ready for the taking within the next few months.

Stay tuned!

Yes, I'm using different colors


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