Artists Working from Home

Although the world may be on pause, a lot of creatives (artists, designers, photographers, etc.) have been using their time in quarantine to continue to make work. I'd like to continually add to this post; as long as the quarantine is still in effect I imagine that those inclined to create will keep doing so until we can party in the streets again 🍾

In no particular order, we have...

  • Cocoa Laney

  • David Hartono

  • Hailey Hodge

  • Robin Plapp Killoran

  • Meaghan Sweeney

  • Ursula Bustamante Seminario

  • Lindsey K Johnson

  • Willy Young

  • Alex Mockenstrum

  • Joe Cimino

  • Tatiana Stadnichenko

Cocoa Laney

Cocoa is a great friend and a fantastic photographer. Just in the past year she not only finished her second master's degree, but worked for and had work featured in The Guardian, was listed as one of the 20 woman photographers to watch out for in 2020, and was published in The British Journal of Photography, just to name a few accomplishments.

One thing I love about Cocoa's work is that there's always an underlying theme of empowerment in the community. True to form, Cocoa has started a few online collaborations with other artists and we're all very excited to see how they turn out. Here's her official site.

Quarantine Art Project: Cocoa has been taking simple, observational photographs in her vicinity that she has shared with a selected group of artists- many of which do not know each other. Each artist chooses one of Cocoa's photos and modifies it in their preferred medium.

Huntsville Community Photo Project: Teaming up with former peer at grad-school, Adam Razvi, Cocoa is taking portraits of people in her hometown, Huntsville Alabama, while respecting the rules of social distancing.

Here's her appeal to her neighbors with the first image:


*Updates will be made, so we can be introduced to the people of Huntsville

David Hartono

David is co-founder of MONOGRID, a digital & VR creative studio based in Florence, Italy.

Being stuck at home hasn't stopped him from continuing his stunning work using projection mapping. During the quarantine, he's been projecting work, often in collaboration with other artists, from his apartment onto the building across the street. This project has even caught the attention of the news source, La Repubblica. Check out more of his work on Instagram.

Here are a couple of recent projections:

In collaboration with Tatiana Stadnichenko

In collaboration with Martina Garzia

In collaboration with yours truly

Hailey Hodge

Hailey is a knitter, designer, artist, and teacher from the USA located in Florence, Italy.

Ever since I've met her she's always has had needles in hand, working on something wonderful during dinner parties, cocktails- wherever. Her work is so intricate and well made and her yarn is always high-quality material, chosen carefully for her clients' needs.

Here are a few pieces she's made since quarantine has started in Florence, but more of her work can be seen here.

Robin Plapp Killoran

Speaking of knitting, Robin has been participating in an online knitting challenge called Quarantine Knitting with Arne and Carlos. After two weeks they have more than 11,000 people from all over the world taking part.

On the right are some of Robin's contributions to the project.

Meaghan Sweeney

Meaghan is a multi-media artist who exhibits internationally, most recently in Gallery 128 in Minneapolis, NonFinito at Sensus Luoghi per l'Arte Contemporanea in Florence, Italy, and How Many Steps to Reach You, Rooberoo Mansion in Tehran, Iran.

As an interdisciplinary artist, Meaghan paints, embroiders, does projection mapping, and installation. Before our relationship was reduced to aperitivo on video chat, I've had the pleasure of visiting her apartment which is basically a wunderkammer of contemporary art. I'm pleased to show off a little bit of her recent work on Hexed-Patriot, but more of her work can be seen here.

Ursula Bustamante Seminario

When I moved back to Italy, permanently, I met Ursula at an internship. At that point, she had already finished a master's degree in fashion styling and graphics from Milan worked in Dubai as a stylist, gone back to her hometown in Lima, and then made the leap to Florence hoping to make it her home. Our connection to Florence was one thing we had in common, but making it on our own and in our way in Florence was the ultimate goal we both had our eyes on.

We both got married, got puppies, and, perhaps more importantly, made careers out of being freelancers. Ursula especially carved out a niche for herself as a watercolorist making original stationery for businesses, brands, and weddings. Here are a few snapshots of her latest projects, and here is where her Etsy can be found.

Lindsey K Johnson

Painter, draftsman, and sculpture, the Louisiana based artist, Lindsey K Johnson is a woman of talent and great technical ability. Not only is she an amazing painter, but I've also always admired her knowledge of her tools and material. As an artist on the move, much like modern day Caravaggio without the murderous and philandering tendencies, the scale of her paintings vary greatly. Meaning she'll go big if she has the chance, but in circumstances, such as these, she paints and draws charming images that can be stacked and packed at a moment's notice.

Lately, she's been asking people on the internet for images of themselves so she can continue to practice portraiture- she is often open for commissions. Here is her official website.

Willy Young

I met Willy in first grade. This was the first art class we ever had together, however, we had classes on and off with each other through middle school, high school, and even college.

Within the past several years Willy has lived in Thailand, England, Brazil, and back to the US in Tulsa, OK, always working jobs aligned with conservation.

Recently he's been getting back into making work. This is his latest portrait "Ashton N. Carter".

"In a time of great uncertainty, when saving the world literally means sit back and hide away, the best thing we can do for ourselves and our fellow man is to tap into that deeply seeded, creative gene we all have and share it with the world. Use whatever you have and express yourself."

Alex Mockenstrum

Originally from Colombus OH, Alex is a graphic designer, illustrator, and photographer. In the past year or so, he's moved from the USA to just outside of Bologna and back to Florence where he is currently pursuing an MFA in design.

During the pandemic, he's been doing some observational photography. Here are a few selected pieces, plus a couple of graphics done for his hometown.

"2020 and humans have fallen ill. Modern humanity takes a break. Yet, encircled in paranoia we find dichotomies. Love may grow proportionally entangled in the fear; there is a turning too and the turning away."

Joe Cimino

Joe is an Italian/American artist, designer, and illustrator currently completing an MFA in Florence, Italy. This is his official site.

"During the quarantine here in Florence Italy, I have found it incredibly difficult to focus on my previous MFA projects, as well as struggling with finding a routine. This led to the project titled Balance Exercises, which is both a series of found-object sculptures and a performance documented by video. As well as this work, I have taken the time to begin experimenting more with video works, as well as collaborations with friends of mine from my MFA program. I think that during this scary and unpredictable time, it is important to still communicate with people in your life...

[the first] entitled “What” (still a working title) created with co-collaborator Arais Meteyard. A second collaboration titled “The Dinner” [features] my co-collaborators and performers Xan Peters and David Neal. Originating from the act of all of us eating at our dinner table with different meals and at strange times, this work aims to explore what family structure and community means during a time of isolation."

Tatiana Stadnichenko

Tatiana is a Russian artist, who has lived and worked in Florence for about 4 years. More of Tatiana's illustrations can be seen here.

"During the last 3 weeks, I made a few collaborations with two musicians and a writer.

The writer is my flatmate Adelaide Mancuso, she wrote the short story about a little girl, who made a wish "Sunday is for Every Day", and the Moon made this wish come true. It was a way nice metaphor/explanation for kids: why should we all stay home for such a long time.

I made DIY animation, half hand/drawing, half-stop/frame animation. We asked our friend Ilaria Lanzoni to play the violin to accompany it. In the end, about 6 Italian schools liked the project and asked permission to show our story as homework and inspiration for kids."

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