Hour By Hour

An infographic of each hour of my time spent in the quarantine

Tomorrow, May 18, many restrictions are being lifted in Florence. It will be legal to travel freely within one's region, all stores bars and restaurants can be reopened, and it's no longer obligatory to work from home.

In the beginning, it seemed like the lockdown would last forever as the deadline elongated before our eyes. Now that lives will soon resemble the time before the pandemic, it appears to me that the monotony of the past couple of months has erased large chunks of time.

So in order to prove that I existed in the past sixty-nine days, I made an infographic about what I suspected I was up to.

The most math I've done in years

Speaking of what I've been up to...

I finally set up a place for people to buy prints from Hexed-Patriot and my main website.

There's some other cool merch there too, so check it out!

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