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There are so many blogs about ex-pat life, especially here in Florence, Italy. I think a lot of them are really good, so I have a hard time justifying adding to the queue of written thought. I like shouting, my neighbors will agree, so if just adding my voice to a roaring crowd, that's fine with me.

Since I am an American I must tell you in an organized manner, with a smile, who I am and what you will see here on this site.

Here's my deal:

  • I am early two of grad-school (MFA in communication design, yeah save the jokes)

  • Almost two years ago I married an Italian (is he a player like they say they all are? I don't know we don't speak the same language)

  • I'm a reformed artist and now an illustrator since graduation (it's a lot like being an artist but have to sell your soul and the pay is slightly better)

  • I've been living in Italy for a nonconsecutive six years. In those years, I've done a lot of odd jobs, learned Italian (yes, of course, I speak Italian) and now that I've finished grad school I have no more excuses to fuck around. The time has come to make good on my decision to move to Italy when I was 23 (I alternate between patting myself on the back and crying for my lost youth.

The overall goal for this site:

Finding work as an illustrator, and even as a graphic designer, is a full-time job unto itself. There are some days when I feel really discouraged, as if I'm not making enough of the "right illustrations" or emailing enough strangers, begging for work. One day I'd like to look back at the projects I've been working on, including this one, and be happy that I documented my progress as a growing human and artist.

Primarily this is an illustrated blog, so I will be editorializing all of the posts about what's going on here, back at home, and just describe what it's like living here a little bit at a time.

I've also met a lot of friends who are creatives and always in transit. I hope to add some of their stories to this project as well.

I don't want anything to be too wordy or dense, I just want to get my point across and draw a few nice looking things to go with it. Or you know what? Maybe some ugly drawings will be on here too, not everything creatives get down on paper [screen] is going to be good, but it's my show. Enjoy.

What I'm working on now:


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